A Sentient Being’s Vision of The Future

// A Sentient Being’s Vision of The Future //

Interdisciplinary and WSNC based artist Zac Trainor works with concepts and imagery that explore the alternate realities of our existence. Ghostly, layered, + nostalgic: There’s a confident loneliness that lends the viewer to self reflection, evoking a meditation on both the beautiful and harsh realities of this world, and the mystery or defeat of what may lie beyond. Each work is meant as a dialogue with the past, present, and future, not at separate instances, but rather all moments occurring at once.

Zac’s newest work deals with the conflicting ideologies currently driving us further off balance with the world around us, each other, and our own uniqueness as sentient beings. We are finding traces of sentience in the smallest of insects to the fastest AI applications. What does it mean to be sentient in our world today? To be aware, alert, alive? If insects and AI can move with more community and intention than humans, what does that suggest of our own consciousness?

Perhaps we should be poised at the terminal asking: Which one of us is the truly sentient being?